Here are the spectacular Nike dress shoes Ken Griffey Jr. wore to the Hall of Fame

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Late last month, the Baseball Hall of Fame enshrined one of the sport’s most gifted and dynamic players when Ken Griffey Jr. (along with Mike Piazza) was inducted. It led to an awesome, emotional speech, which ended — fittingly enough — with Griffey throwing a baseball cap on backwards.

That’s right, while the University of Miami’s football team claims "The U invented swag" Griffey may have perfected it with the backwards hat, smooth swing and the effortless way he patrolled centerfield. That continued to this day, where his Hall of Fame wardrobe has been the buzz of the internet.

Griffey wore these awesome, customized dress shoes that Nike sent him prior to the ceremony. In the first pair, you can see his No. 24 emblazoned on the bottom, while on the second one you can see a Nike swoosh as well.

Everyone talked about the suit. But the shoe game was nice to.. #nike #Griffeyswingman #HOF #customshoes #custom

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It also includes this awesome shirt-tie suit combination that folks went gaga over a few weeks back, when Griffey debuted it at his induction ceremony.

HOF 2016

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Griffey might not have finished his career as the greatest baseball player of all-time. But he was definitely the coolest.

Heck, even his selfie game is strong.

Selfie game on point today!!!!!!

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