Happy Birthday To A Pittsburgh Pirates Legend

Today, is the birthday of a Pittsburgh Pirates’ legend. Which legend you may ask? Well, that would be Jeffrey Alan Locke of course!

Happy 29th birthday to a Pittsburgh Pirates legend. Which legend is it you ask. Roberto Clemente? Willie Stargell? Dave Parker? Honus Wagner? Well, I am talking about the ‘Redstone Rocket,’ the one and only Jeff Locke!

Alright, so, you’re probably asking yourself “how is Jeff Locke a Pirate legend?” Well, that is quite simple. Locke has the ability to do something that nearly impossible to do. That ability is the ability to unite the Pirate fan base.

Anyone who is a Pirates’ fan and owns a Twitter account knows how divided this fan base can be. At times, there is more in fighting among Pirate fans on Twitter than there is in the United States Congress. However,  there is one thing everyone agrees on. That one thing is that no one likes Jeff Locke.

Everyone agrees that Jeff Locke is a bad pitcher. Even when Locke is in one of his spurts where he is pitching well, everyone is always waiting for the shoe to drop. And, sooner or later, it always does.

The Jeff Locke disgust may currently be at an all-time high. He is coming off the worst season of his career in which he posted a 5.44 ERA, 4.84 FIP, and was moved to the bullpen. Plus, Pirate fans are extra angry due to the team finishing 78-83-1 last season.

Luckily for Pirate fans, there is a good chance Jeff Locke is not tendered a contract this offseason. Due to this, it is very possible he has pitched his last game in a Pirate uniform. And it is possible that today is Locke’s last birthday as a Pittsburgh Pirate.

Jeff Locke possesses the ability to unite a normally very divided fan base. Due to this, he is a Pittsburgh Pirates’ legend. He also owns some legendary flow.

Happy 29th birthday, Jeffrey Alan Locke! We hope (to not) see you in Spring Training!

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