Hamilton open to another round of home run derby

Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton is open to the idea of

participating in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star game for the

first time since his memorable 28 homers in the first round at old

Yankee Stadium three years ago.

Hamilton turned down taking part in the past two derbys, but

said Sunday that he would consider being part of the new team derby

if asked by American League captain David Ortiz.

”It’s a really cool concept, the whole team situation. We’ll

see,” Hamilton said. ”Yeah, I’d definitely consider it. I’m not

saying for sure I’d do it, but it’d just be a fun thing to take

part in the first one like that ever.”

Hamilton said he hadn’t spoken with Ortiz about the


Hamilton was selected as an AL All-Star starter by fans for the

fourth consecutive year, even after the outfielder missed six weeks

early in the season with a broken bone in his upper right arm. He

went into Sunday night’s game against Florida hitting .301 with 10

homers and 40 RBIs in 46 games, after homering twice Saturday


In the 2008 derby, Hamilton’s first round included homers on 13

consecutive pitches. Though that is what everyone remembers,

Minnesota’s Justin Mourneau actually was the derby champion that

year after outslugging the exhausted Hamilton 5-3 in the final


Ortiz, last year’s derby champion, will pick three fellow AL

players to go against an NL squad captained by 2009 champion Prince

Fielder from Milwaukee during All-Star festivities in Arizona.

”The stress is not there of just the individual thing. If you

go out and take easy swings and not try to kill every ball, you’ve

got guys there backing up you,” Hamilton said. ”It’s an

interesting and fun situation.”