‘Hamilton’ stars explain how they became diehard Mets fans

Hamilton might be the hottest ticket in New York of late, but two stars from the hit musical showed their New York interests stretch beyond Broadway earlier this season. Chris Jackson (who plays George Washington) and Anthony Ramos (who plays John Laurens and Philip Hamilton) discussed their Mets memories in a recent video shared by the team on Twitter.

Jackson grew up in southern Illinois but said he became a Mets fan somewhere around 1985, which conveniently happens to be the year before 1986, when the Mets won their second World Series championship. He said his favorite player used to be former outfielder Darryl Strawberry.

Ramos, who hails from Brooklyn, said he was born a Mets fan, but he never witnessed a World Series championship because he was born five years after the Mets’ most recent title. Ramos’s favorite moment as a Mets fan is one with which many baseball fans can relate.

The Broadway star said he went to a game with his father about 10 years ago when he was still a kid. Former Met Endy Chavez was warming up with a teammate in the outfield, so Ramos’s father yelled for a ball in the hopes of landing a cool souvenir for his son. Chavez followed through, tossing a baseball into the stands, but Ramos’s father apparently was not positioned well to make the grab. Ramos recalled his father crashing into a some seats while diving to catch the baseball for his son.

It is quite a compliment for Ramos’s father that Ramos’s favorite Mets memory was his dad’s catch and not Chavez’s iconic Game 7 grab that robbed St. Louis’s Scott Rolen of a two-run home run. But like many fans, Ramos seemed thrilled to have been able to take home an authentic game ball.

What he did not know is that a decade down the line, he would be able to stand on the same field as the Mets. That dream came true for Ramos on April 8, when both Ramos and Jackson made a unique Mets memory by singing the national anthem at Citi Field.