Match that, Scott Boras: Cano hangs at Grammys with Jay Z, Beyonce

When it's August and the Mariners are 15 games out of first, Robinson Cano (left) can remember the night he was at the Grammys with Beyonce and Jay Z.

If you thought one of the reasons that Robinson Cano left agent Scott Boras and signed on with Jay Z’s company as his new representative was because the All-Star second baseman would get to rub shoulders with Beyonce, well, who knew it would be quite literal?

Cano posted on Instagram the above cozy photo from Sunday night’€™s Grammys. As you can see, Cano —€“ still sporting a beard that would be verboten with his former team, the New York Yankees, but that he can bring with him, along with loads of free-agent cash, to the Seattle Mariners —€“ got to hang with Mr. and Mrs. Z at the music industry awards fest. And you gotta imagine they weren’t sitting in the nose-bleeds.

Not sure whether it was Cano’s responsibility to tote a fire extinguisher, but Beyonce and Jay Z practically set the stage on fire with their "Drunk in Love" that opened the telecast.

There was some good news for Boras, at least. No, no word that he was at the Grammys. But as you can see below, one of his biggest stars apparently was. Here’s to hoping he didn’t run into Jay Z.