GM Williams has confidence in slumping White Sox

White Sox general manager Ken Williams is taking a patient

approach with his struggling ballclub.

Williams traveled to New York after Chicago lost for the 10th

time in 11 games Sunday. The White Sox hadn’t scored a run in two

games and faced the first-place Yankees on Monday night.

”All I can do is come to the clubhouse and give some hugs, some

support in that way,” Williams said. ”The good thing is we have

the ability, we have the talent.”

Williams spent 2 1/2 hours in an airport Monday waiting out a

delay and listening to some very opinionated White Sox fans. They

offered up all sorts of advice.

But Williams prefers to ride out this deep funk – the White Sox

were coming off three-game sweep in Detroit in which they failed to

score a run in the final two games of the series.

”We’ve earned every bit of it. We’ve not hit, we’ve not pitched

consistently and we’ve not caught the ball. We’ve played as poorly

as we possibly can play,” he said. ”If there was an obvious

reason it would be fixed.”

The White Sox were expected to compete for the AL Central title

this year after bringing in slugger Adam Dunn and increasing the

team’s payroll to about $125 million. But in the topsy-turvy

division, Chicago is in last place at 8-14, 5 1/2 games back of


Dunn and Alex Rios entered Monday hitting under .200 and the

White Sox have hit .197 in their last 12 games. Williams and

manager Ozzie Guillen both cited the tough pitching the squad has

faced but wouldn’t use that as an excuse for the poor play.

”If you’re sitting here and you don’t have the ability, you

don’t have the talent to right the ship then it’s a whole different

conversation,” Williams said. ”When you do have the talent you

keep pushing forward.”

Guillen believes in this group, too.

”I think this ballclub is pretty good,” Guillen said. ”Now we

all know we are going through some tough times – we have a lot of


He added: ”The expectation for me is to win and I expect to

win. … The talent is out there.”

Guillen and the coaching staff have Williams’ support.

”The coaching staff is not throwing the baseball, is not

hitting the baseball. They’re doing what they’ve always done,

Williams said, ”and I’ve got confidence in all of them.”