Giants’ Peavy shows off his Alabama home for Coldwell Banker series

A sign at Giants pitcher Jake Peavy’s Alabama home describes Southern Falls Plantation as “far more than a place to be…this is a way to be.” Peavy opened the doors to his home to Coldwell Banker as part of its “Homefield Advantage” video series. Peavy, who grew up in a small town in Alabama, considers his home a respite from city life.

The video shows some of the memorabilia in his home which Peavy has collected in his years in the big leagues. Peavy explains though that the memorabilia itself doesn’t mean much if he can’t share it with his family. According to Coldwell Banker, Peavy said about his family: "wherever they're at, my heart is going to be. And I'm thankful it's here.”

Photo credit: Ben Margot/AP Photo