Giants mistakenly bat out of order against Dodgers

The San Francisco Giants were caught batting out of order

against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday, wiping away Buster

Posey’s RBI double in the first inning.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy submitted a lineup card that had

Posey batting fourth. So after Posey hit third in Pablo Sandoval’s

spot to give the Giants a 1-0 lead, Dodgers manager Don Mattingly

called out the mistake to umpires.

Posey was ruled out but got to bat again in the fourth spot,

ending the inning on a fly out to right field. Posey had batted

third in 15 straight games until Friday night.

The Giants also had Posey batting third in the digital lineup in

the clubhouse and on papers passed out in the press box – but not

in the official lineup card submitted to the Dodgers and umpires.

Bochy even talked before the game about wanting to return Posey

permanently to the fourth spot with Sandoval healthy again and San

Francisco struggling.

”Call it superstitious, I’m going back to where we did have

success – that’s Pablo in the 3-hole and Buster in the 4-hole,”

Bochy said.

The move might have been a bit of redemption for Mattingly.

After separate ejections of manager Joe Torre and bench coach

Bob Schaefer in the Dodgers’ 7-5 loss to San Francisco on July 20,

2010, Mattingly made his own mistake while he was the hitting

coach. Mattingly went to the mound for a chat with closer Jonathan

Broxton in the ninth inning before Andres Torres came up. Mattingly

took a few steps back off the dirt toward the dugout before turning

around and advising first baseman James Loney exactly where he

wanted him positioned.

Bochy came out to protest to plate umpire Adrian Johnson that

Mattingly’s about-face constituted a second trip to the mound. The

umpires huddled and agreed, and Broxton had to leave the game.

Mattingly was forced to summon George Sherrill, who promptly served

up Torres’ two-run double that gave the Giants the lead.

Bochy’s blunder wasn’t his first with the lineup this season –

and not even his first involving Posey.

The NL All-Star manager took responsibility for putting Posey in

the wrong spot in the lineup during a double switch in the 13th

inning of San Francisco 5-3 loss to the San Diego Padres on June

17. Posey never got a chance to hit in the game.