Giancarlo Stanton eats Kit Kat like a savage

Giancarlo Stanton has an extremely unorthodox way of eating a Kit Kat.
Dee Gordon on Twitter

By Steve DelVecchio

Normally I would say a 25-year-old athlete who is currently signed to a $325 million contract can eat his food however he pleases, but this just isn’t right.

On Monday, Miami Marlins infielder Dee Gordon shared a photo of Giancarlo Stanton eating a Kit Kat bar. Some people would consider Stanton’s approach to be so asinine it deserves a NSFW tag.

Who does that? Stanton is basically giving a big middle finger to one of the best candy bars ever created. Perhaps this is his way of telling his teammates that he has no intention of breaking them off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

If eating a Kit Kat like that helps Stanton hit a ball this far, I suppose it’s not our place to tell him to stop.

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