Fan catches ball while on cell phone

It’s been an interesting few days for baseballs out of

play around the Major Leagues, with fans making great grabs, balls

inflicting pain on electronics, balls nearly taking out journalists

and homers setting off dance parties on the outfield beach.

First there was this guy who snagged a foul ball — or,

more precisely, had one land in his lap — while he talked on

his cell phone Tuesday in Boston. Talk about a conversation piece:

“Hey man, don’t mean to interrupt, but I just caught a


Then this guy in Oakland made a one-handed swipe of another

fan’s foul ball — and didn’t spill a single french fry as he

did it. If you’re the guy who thought that ball was his,

it’s hard to even be mad:

This foul ball got the best of what was probably a very

expensive New York Yankees TV camera:

And this one at Fenway nearly took out a Boston Red Sox radio

announcer minding his own business in the press box (and appeared

to spill his water all over his stuff):

Getting back to catches, this lucky fan caught Kendrys

Morales’ walk-off homer in Seattle on Sunday, then caught a

Raul Ibanez home run on Wednesday (and might have a backpack full

of homer balls, based on the video):

And while this wasn’t a great grab, by comparison, the

celebration after snagging this ground-rule double by this woman in

San Diego was certainly worth mentioning: