Former Rangers manager Washington on resignation: ‘I was not true to my wife’

Former Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington held a press conference Thursday to reveal the reason he abruptly stepped down from his post on Sept. 5.

Washington told reporters, "I was not true to my wife of 42 years. I broke her trust . . . I made a mistake, I’m embarrassed. More than I’ve ever been in my life."

This was Washington’s first public statement since his resignation earlier in the month, which came as a shock to Rangers fans and the baseball community. The organization had been planning on keeping Washington as the team’s manager for the 2015 season.

After his resignation, rumors swirled regarding the reason for Washington’s departure. All that the team revealed at the time was that it was an off-field issue and not drug- or substance-related.

Former Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington with his wife Gerry, left, at Thursday’s press conference in Irving, Texas.