Ex-big leaguer Tatis shows off artwork

One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, right? So

where would Fernando Tatis’ (um) drawings fall?

The former power hitting big leaguer is getting in touch with

his artistic side — and is more than willing to share with all of

us. Thanks to the Paint program he just discovered on his computer,

we’re now graced with these works of art.

First, Tatis gives us a preview to a potential new airline.



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Now, we gotta give Tatis credit for this one. He’s working on

conquering his fears.

But if the airline doesn’t work out, there’s also this gem. But

Tatis should remember how risky the restaurant business can be.


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Could Tatis be signaling comeback might be in the work? But then

the question is in which sport? The old familiar?


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Or how about make a run at LeBron and the Heat?


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So many questions. Maybe Tatis’ next masterpiece will paint a

clearer picture.