Floyd Mayweather calls Manny Pacquiao’s style ‘reckless’

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao figures to not only be a clash of titans but also a clash of styles.

The May 2 super-bout between the world-famous fighters is fast approaching, and as the two fighters continue to train in their respective camps, it’s becoming clear that strategy will be an integral aspect of the matchup, especially given how dissimilar their styles are.

On one hand, there’s Mayweather. His calculated, defensive style has made him millions and made him a winner, with the results speaking for themselves. Conversely, Pacquiao has found simliar success with a looser in-ring style that will be put to the test against Mayweather.

At his media session after an open workout Tuesday in Las Vegas, Mayweather even labeled Pacquiao’s strategy as “reckless” when breaking down the fight from a strategic standpoint.

“We’ll see what he brings to the table,” Mayweather told reporters. “Our styles are totally different. I fight with smarts. Every move is calculated. Every move is thought-out. I’m always 5-10 steps ahead of my opponent.

“I don’t know if he can make adjustments. I’m able to make adjustments. He comes at (a) different angle, so we’ll have to see. But he’s facing a solid, strong welterweight.”

That’s about as pointed as Mayweather got Tuesday, as he’s been relatively quiet in the buildup leading to this bout. Mayweather adviser Leonard Ellerbe says the reason for that is simple.

“He had to sell his other fights — he doesn’t need to sell this one,” Ellerbe said, according to USA Today. “This is a fight everybody wants to see.”

Also on Tuesday, actor and German super-celebrity David Hasselhoff interviewed Mayweather. It was random.

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