Superfan makes sweet one-handed catch, gives ball to young Red Sox fan (VIDEO)

Some quick reflexes by one Fenway Park attendee kept a ballpark beer in its cup and put a new souvenir in a young fan’s hand.

During the second inning of Monday night’s Toronto Blue Jays-Boston Red Sox game, Jays slugger Jose Bautista sent a foul ball screaming into the upper deck to the right of home plate.

It was a sharp line drive, but one fan reached up to snatch it out of midair, spilling just a few drops of his beverage, and handed it to a youngster in a Dustin Pedroia jersey a few rows down.

Sadly, this probably was the highlight of the game for the home team. The Blue Jays hung a nine-spot on the Red Sox in the sixth inning en route to a 14-1 beatdown — the Sox’s sixth loss in their last seven games.

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