Fan hit when bat slips out of Hamilton’s hands

A fan in Detroit was hit on the head by Josh Hamilton’s flying

bat Tuesday night, but appeared to be OK.

Hamilton’s bat slipped out of his hands as the Texas slugger

swung and missed at a pitch in the sixth inning during Game 3 of

the AL championship series against the Tigers. The bat sailed into

the stands just behind the Rangers’ dugout and hit a male fan

wearing a Justin Verlander jersey.

The blow seemed to stun the man at first, but he was evaluated

by medical personnel and stayed in his front-row seat, holding a

cold pack on the back of his head.

The bat that went into the stands was returned to the Rangers,

who appeared to pass along another piece of lumber to the dinged-up


Comerica Park security prevented at least one reporter from

approaching the fan for an interview.

Back in July, a Rangers fan fell to his death in a tragic

accident after reaching over a railing to try to catch a ball

tossed into the stands by Hamilton.

The next night, Hamilton hit a foul ball that struck a male fan

sitting about five rows behind the third-base dugout. Stadium

personnel immediately tended to the fan, who had blood on his face

and required stitches. Rangers officials said the fan was treated

at the stadium and was OK.