Minor scandal for minor league team

So you figured out the marriage proposal at the minor league baseball game was a fake. Congrats on your sleuth skills.

What tipped you off? Was it that, well, someone proposed at a minor league baseball game? Was it that the guy with the microphone laughed when she rejected him?

Minor league baseball games are not proposal sites. People aren’t really even fans of minor league baseball teams. They’re just fans of baseball (in general), Dippin’ Dots and getting drunk outdoors.

So this thing was suspect the moment it happened.

But now the Double-A Rock Cats of New Britain, Conn., are admitting that video was staged and executed by a couple of Rock Cats employees who might have some acting talent. The woman, in particular, sold her reaction well enough that the Huffington Post declared that it seemed “pretty real.”

Not everybody was fooled. The Big Lead, for example, cast doubt upon the authenticity of the proposal immediately. And, naturally, it didn’t take long for YouTube commenters to yell “FAKE!” because doing that is one of the Internet’s favorite pastimes.

The Rock Cats are apologizing for . . . for . . . for . . . oh, looks like they’re apologizing to anyone who might have been offended. But heaven help us if anybody says this harmless prank offended them.

The lesson: Don’t believe everything you see at the minor league baseball game.