Emails between A-Rod and Yankees president are bizarre

Yankees president Randy Levine and Alex Rodriguez have been exchanging weird emails for years.

Jim McIsaac

In addition to Steve Fishman’s terrific article "Chasing A-Rod," which details the ongoing debacle between MLB and Alex Rodriguez regarding his suspected involvement with PEDs, the good people over at New York magazine published a series of emails between A-Rod and Yankees president Randy Levine on Friday.

According to Fishman, during the course of his reporting for "Chasing A-Rod," he "viewed a trove of the electronic correspondence between Rodriguez and Levine."

The contents are a bit unexpected.

From consoling A-Rod after a 1-for-5 perfomance to congratulating him after a two-home-run game, Levine seems to be highly involved with his superstar –€” paternal, even. But other emails are on the weirder side. For instance, on two occasions Levine seems to recommend to A-Rod that his teammate Robinson Cano should start "using the liquid." Sure, "using the liquid" can be interpretted in a number of ways, but in another email Levine clarifies that Cano "needs some steroids fast."

OK …


Joking or not, those are weird things to say to a guy you are paying $275 million and who has been accused of being a doper. The emails escalate from light-hearted banter about game performance and leadership advice to Levine advising against "pictures of party at your house circulating all around tonight … Guys in rehab don’€™t do this" and A-Rod suggesting that the Yankees have a bounty on his head.

It’s all great stuff, so I will stop right here and let you enjoy the excerpted highlights below. For the full article, head here.

Levine: I received your email, the contents of which are a complete shock to me. As I have repeatedly told you, this is an MLB investigation. We had no role in initiating the investigation or assisting in the direction of the investigation. Despite your continued false accusations (which you know are false) we have acted consistently. My focus and direction, as well as that of the entire Yankees organization, has been, and continues to be, to treat you in the same manner as we do all of our players, to have you healthy and ready to play as soon as possible. Good luck.