Dodgers’ Ryu is having best offseason as K-pop phenomenon

Hyun-Jin Ryu and his K-pop all-stars.

In what could only be categorized as the best offseason in recent history by a rookie South Korean pitcher for the Dodgers, Hyun-Jin Ryu released his second K-pop hit "Small Moon" on Sunday.

For those unfamiliar with K-pop, it is the short term for "Korean popular music." 

According to, a popular destination for all things K-pop, Ryu got together with the South Korean record label Cube Entertainment to work on a Christmas charity project dubbed the "Ryu-Cube Donation Project" which benefits the Hanbit Performing Arts Company for blind students.

So far, the project has consisted of two songs in which Ryu collaborates and even sings with some of K-pop’s biggest hitmakers including: 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, BTOB, and Shin Ji Hoon.

I know what you’re thinking — what a powerhouse lineup. And you are right. 

Let’s take a listen to "Small Moon."

For the few of you who don’t speak Korean, allkpop says "The song compares hopes to a moon that isn’t yet a full moon, and likens their hopes to something that will grow bright."

And now for the first song in the collaboration, the smash hit "Smile Again" which allkpop says "is a dance track with a lively house beat and sweet melody to give hope and healing this holiday season. 

It’s hard to determine which vocals are Ryu’s, but this much is certain, he is putting himself out there to benefit a seemingly good cause with a good message. 

Congrats Ryu, you are having the best offseason in recent history by a rookie South Korean pitcher for the Dodgers.