Dodgers’ Puig, Greinke involved in altercations, according to new book

Yasiel Puig reportedly got under the skin of a mild-mannered teammate.

Denis Poroy

The mercurial Dodgers right fielder Yasiel Puig has often been a lightning rod for criticism. While things such as his tardiness and baseball’s disdain for his showmanship have previously been made public, revelations in Molly Knight’s new book, "The Best Team Money Can Buy," shed light on new indiscretions.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports writes about a couple of incidents with pitcher Zack Greinke. One was an argument between the two regarding a plane ride including wives and girlfriends. Passan recounts another incident:

In 2014, during the Dodgers’ annual trip to Chicago, the team bus stopped downtown to allow rookies undergoing hazing to walk into a pizza place…When the bus was ready to leave, Puig was outside, looking for his luggage inside of the bay underneath the bus. After Puig ignored multiple requests to close the luggage bay, Greinke hopped off the bus, grabbed the suitcase in front of Puig and chucked it onto Michigan Avenue. Puig stepped toward Greinke and was restrained by reliever J.P. Howell.

While Puig’s hot temperament is nothing new, the fact that the understated Greinke has gotten into it a couple of times with the outfielder should raise some eyebrows. Though Greinke was recently revealed to have spoken out about the Dodgers’ bathroom habits, it’s uncertain how serious Greinke actually was in that case.

(h/t Yahoo Sports)