Dodgers Placed on FanSided’s Best 250 Fandoms

As promised, the Fandom 250 rankings are here!

Produced by FanSided itself, the Fandom 250 rankings are the “ultimate ranking of fandoms–from sports, to entertainment, celebrities to brands.” Of course, the Los Angeles Dodgers made the cut.

How could they not? The team resides in the second largest city in the United States and has, I would argue, the best fan base in the world. Fandom 250 didn’t see it the same way I did though.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were ranked the 182nd best fandom in the world. Not too shabby, but it still seems a little disappointing.

One piece of satisfaction came from when I saw the Dodgers did manage to destroy the San Francisco Giants. They currently only sit at 226. In baseball and in the real world, the Dodgers are clearly the superior team!

The number one ranking fandom in the world? The Chicago Cubs. After coming off a World Series victory, their first in over 100 years, it’s no surprise they are at the top of the list. Incredibly, the Cubs beat out Star Wars (2), Beyonce (3), and Game of Thrones (4).

Even with the Dodgers only ranking as the 182nd best fandom in the world, they still are and forever will be number one in my book.

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What rankings surprise you? Where should your favorite team have been placed? We want to know!

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