Dodgers fan falls down stairs trying to catch ball

One Los Angeles Dodgers fan squandered his 15 seconds of fame in the worst way Sunday.

Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke showed off his skills with the bat against the San Francisco Giants, smacking a ground-rule double that made a beeline right for one lucky spectator’€™s outstretched glove.

The guy had the souvenir right in his webbing, but he couldn’t stick the landing. He lost his balance, fell like a rock down a flight of stairs and had the ball pop right out of his grasp in the process.

According to CallToThePen, the fan wasn’t phsyically hurt. We can’t speak for his pride, however.

Plenty more balls made their way into the outfield seats during the game, as Matt Kemp and Hanley Ramirez each homered twice for the Dodgers in a 6-2 win. Brandon Belt and Hunter Pence each went yard once for the Giants.

Also, those stairs in Dodger Stadium are tricky. Another fan had the same problem last season.


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