Dodgers evaluate Angels’ pesky Rally Monkey

There are clearly differing opinions of the Angels’ Rally Monkey

at Dodgers camp.

Slugger Matt Kemp? Scared of it. Manager Don Mattingly? Finds it


The spunky monkey became a hot topic Tuesday at Camelback Ranch

after the Dodgers’ first day of full-squad workouts in the


”I kind of like the Rally Monkey, I do. It’s funny,” said

Mattingly, beginning his second season as manager in Los Angeles.

”I try and tell guys, `You guys should like the Rally Monkey

because when the Rally Monkey comes out, then you’ve got a lead.’

I’d rather have a lead than be behind. I like the Rally Monkey.

Think about it. When you see the Rally Monkey, you’re usually

ahead. I like it when he comes out.”

Mattingly discussed the Angels before and after practice,

reminding everybody the Dodgers are L.A.’s true team.

”If you’re in L.A., do you drive down to Anaheim to watch

games?” Mattingly said. ”(Owner Arte) Moreno’s done a great job.

It’s an unbelievable change from when I first started going out

there when I was in New York.”

Mattingly’s Dodgers had better get used to more of the pesky,

jumping monkey bouncing around the video board. As usual, the

Dodgers and Angels play six games during interleague play this

season, three in Anaheim.

””I don’t like the Rally Monkey. I’m scared of the Rally

Monkey,” Kemp said. ”You’re out there in the outfield and the

monkey just pops up on the screen, that’s kind of scary.”