Detroit Tigers worried about ability to retain David Price?

Will Davis Price remain a Tiger beyond 2015?

Carlos Osorio

The Tigers are reportedly concerned about their ability to re-sign ace pitcher David Price when he becomes a free agent next year, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

"Detroit is 9-1 when David Price starts, but while the Tigers would love to sign him, word is they aren’t overwhelmingly confident they’ll be able to keep him long-term.

Not much has come out about their late-spring talks, but Tigers people seem to be under the (probably correct) belief he hopes to top Max Scherzer, who signed for $210 million after turning down Detroit’s $144-million offer. Scherzer seemed especially concerned about receiving market value so as not to let down fellow players."

Heyman also noted that Price seems to be a player who is more likely to sign with a team that makes him feel most comfortable, and won’t necessarily sign with the highest bidder. If true, that could work in Detroit’s favor, as Price seems to be gelling with the Tigers after getting off to a rough start.

(h/t CBS Sports)