Detroit Tigers: What’s the Deal with Second Deck?

You may have seen signs popping up around Comerica Park or seen the hashtag on Detroit Tigers fans’ Twitter accounts. Second Deck has become the latest go-to phrase to show love for the Old English D.

How the Detroit Tigers get associated with this term? Who started it? What does it mean?

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When the Tigers were playing against the Minnesota Twins on September 20, James McCann hit an unbelievable home run. The ball traveled all the way into the second deck of seats at Target Field. In this game, McCann was the designated hitter for the first time in his career. This home run gave the Tigers a 6-0 lead as McCann drove in three runs in the top of the sixth.

Where did “Second Deck” come from?

As McCann rounded the bases, Rod Allen blurted out  the words “Second Deck” in between Mario Impemba’s description of the event. You can see and hear the replay of the home run here.

Once the phrase was uttered, it was only time before the guys at Detroit’s sports radio 97.1 The Ticket grabbed ahold of the phrase. And, they haven’t let it go.

You can hear the radio hosts saying “Second Deck” at exciting moments during their broadcasts. Also, they’ve been using it at unexpected times and having some intense laughs, too. The radio station is one of the biggest supporters of Detroit sports, but they also enjoy pushing the limits. Radio personality Mike Sullivan, affectionately known as “Sully,” got the phrase going along with Jeff Riger who can usually be found in the Tigers clubhouse interviewing fans’ favorite players.

So, what does the phrase mean?

Well…that’s up for grabs. The honest meaning of the phrase is a shout of uncontrolled excitement at the Tigers doing something unexpected and amazing. The way that Allen shouted it out in the middle of Impemba’s call made listeners wonder if he really did say “Second Deck” or something rather inappropriate for TV and radio. This is why the radio hosts end up giggling so much when they listen to the call.

Is there a “Second Deck” at Comerica Park?

There is only one small Second Deck at Comerica Park. The section called the Right-Field Balcony at the New Amsterdam 416 Bar is the only place a Tigers batter could technically go “Second Deck” the actual second deck (sections 200 and 300) are in foul territory.

Why You Should Embrace “Second Deck”

There are several good things going on with the phrase “Second Deck.” First of all, the Tigers players absolutely love it:

Secondly, you can get a t-shirt or a snapback hat with the iconic home-run call emblazoned on it. Place your order here. It’s a good looking graphic, that shows you have the inside scoop on the happenings in Detroit.

Thirdly, the phrase is so popular within the clubhouse that players like Alex Wilson will be donning the tee when he receives his on Wednesday. The people at The DLine and 97.1 are actually planning to give a shirt to the creator himself, Rod Allen. There might be a few other Tigers who decide to show their post-season pride.

You, too, can help share this Detroit Tigers playoff rallying cry by using #SecondDeck! Join in the fun and get your #SecondDeck shirts while they last!

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