Detroit Tigers: Kate Upton Angry About Cy Young Vote

Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander finished second in the American League Cy Young vote today. That final result has led to an epic Twitter rant by his girlfriend, supermodel Kate Upton.

With Rick Porcello being named the American League Cy Young award winner today, there were a few people that were surprised by the result. When looking at the statistics of the top starters in baseball, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander was head and shoulders above everyone else. Yet, Verlander, despite having the most first place votes, finished behind Porcello, whose candidacy was based around having the most wins in the AL.

This led to his girlfriend, supermodel Kate Upton, having one of the more epic rants seen on Twitter. For those who feel that the wives and girlfriends of athletes are neutral about these awards, Upton proves otherwise. Let’s just look at her own words to see her thoughts on the vote.

Holy Aesop! Let’s just begin by saying that I would love a girl that would defend me the same way that Kate Upton defends Justin Verlander. I certainly would not want to be a BBWAA member that voted against him at this point.

However, behind this rant, she does have a point. Just take a look at the statistics. Verlander was 16-9 with a 3.04 ERA, leading the league with a 1.004 WHiP and 254 strikeouts. Had it not been for the Detroit Tigers bullpen, that win total may have been higher.

Porcello, meanwhile, led the AL with 22 wins, but lagged behind in the other metrics. He had a 3.15 ERA and a 1.009 WHiP, striking out 189 batters. Yes, it is close, but Verlander was better than Porcello in every way, aside from that win total. Yet, Porcello was in the top three on 28 of 30 ballots. Verlander was left off of two ballots entirely, and was only in the top three on 21 of 30 ballots.

After the BBWAA had seemingly gone in a more sabermetric direction, ignoring win totals while giving the Cy Young award to pitchers like Felix Hernandez and Zack Greinke, this marks the fourth consecutive year that the AL wins leader has won the Cy Young award. Guess the voters did not get the memo that wins do not matter.

If there was one positive that came out of the Cy Young vote for us all, it was Kate Upton’s reaction. The writers of the BBWAA may want to think twice about voting against Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander again.

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