Detroit Tigers: Alan Trammell is Thinking Positive for 2017

The Detroit Tigers are a “hungry team” Alan Trammell said in Grand Rapids on Thursday night during a media session prior to the West Michigan Whitecaps Winter Banquet. The All-Star believes this hunger could lead to a championship in 2017.

Currently, the Detroit Tigers are not anyone’s pick to win or even go to the World Series in 2017. But, according to Trammell, that is not a big deal.

While the baseball media seems to be ignoring the Tigers, the Tigers recognize that they have a good team. Nearly every player is returning to Detroit, so the chemistry is already there, allowing the Tigers to get down to business as soon as Spring Training starts.

This excitement is evident to the veteran shortstop. Trammell said, “The players are hungry and I can sense that. We’re going into a good year.” His enthusiasm was contagious as he spoke highly of the current roster of players while speaking to the media at the West Michigan Whitecaps Winter Banquet.

Youth and Experience is a Powerful Combination

Trammell spoke about the unique mix of the team: “We have a blend of youth. If you look at our starting staff and what we’re projected, it’s a nice little blend.” This blend includes veteran players like Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera, and Victor Martinez. While they are the elder statesmen of the team, it does not mean they are old. They are sharing the field with young men like James McCann, Michael Fulmer, and Daniel Norris.

The mixture of youth and experience on the 2017 teams is a massive positive for Trammell. He commented on how the experienced players actually appreciate the young ones. “The youthfulness and energy, the veteran guys feed off it.” He continues by talking about how the “young guys actually refresh[es] the older guys” and he joked about Verlander, “I hate to say that Justin Verlander’s not old, but again – an experienced guy.”

Being Off the Radar Helps Team Succeed

Trammell was also adamant that being off the radar of the media is a good thing. He referenced the unexpected success of the AL Central rival Cleveland Indians. Trammell commented on how not being “picked” is a good thing. “If you’re going to ask a player, it’s a little bit easier that way.” He then went on to say how Cleveland was not picked by the pundits to go to the World Series. Jokingly, he said about Cleveland: “Nobody was actually talking about them, well, if I’m not mistaken, they made it to the World Series game 7.”

It is crystal clear that Alan Trammell believes in the ball club that he has dedicated his life to. Trammell complimented the 2017 Tigers several times during the night. “This is a darn good ball club,” he repeated. He also commented on the quality of the pitching, “We’ve got a pretty good arsenal.”

Trammell’s final words about the upcoming season offered serious positivity: “They’re going to get ready here shortly to get ready for a championship season.” Let’s hope he is right!

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