Jeter answers reporter’s phone during Jeter Day press conference

Derek Jeter had quite the eventful Sunday, but he saved his best moment for last.

The New York Yankees’ captain was honored with a 45-minute pregame ceremony at Yankee Stadium that featured surprise appearances from Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken Jr.

After the game, a 2-0 Yankees loss to the Kansas City Royals, Jeter sat down for a press conference that was going just fine before it was interrupted by a ringing phone. Some players would’ve been flustered by the distraction, but the always-cool Jeter had an awesome reaction.

Whoever “Walt Reinheimer” is, we doubt he was expecting one of the greatest shortstops of all time to pick up and tell him, “She’ll have to call you back, buddy.”

The phone, as it turns out, belonged to reporter Tara Sullivan.

Is there anything that doesn’t rattle this guy?

(h/t MLB’s Cut4)


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