David Ortiz surprises Boston fans as an undercover Lyft driver


David Ortiz might be the AL MVP and arguably is the face of baseball in his final season in the majors. But there are still plenty of people who don’t recognize Big Papi.

Ortiz recently went undercover as a Lyft driver – with a slightly different hairstyle – and fooled plenty of unsuspecting passengers in Boston.

Among the best moments featuring “Donnie”:

*A passenger saying her favorite Boston athlete is that “Papi that everybody likes” because “they tell me to like him.”

*Donnie spitting on his hands and saying “clutch” before grabbing the steering wheel.

*After a passenger asks why Donnie doesn’t like to walk, he says “you haven’t seen me when I’m not walking.”

*After a passenger claims she has two Ortiz shirts, Donnie reveals that “all of my shirts are his shirts.”

Ultimately, there’s the big reveal when those who rode along with Ortiz finally learn that they have chauffeured around town by the 2013 World Series MVP.

Opposing pitchers certainly recognize Ortiz, who is hitting .318/.403/.626 with 37 homers, 124 RBI and an MLB-best 1.029 OPS this season.