Curt Schilling says he’s going to run for president in 2024

Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images

Curt Schilling, when not posting political memes on social media and carrying on about how everyone but him is blind to the reality of the situation, has apparently taken the time to draw up his roadmap to the Oval Office.

On Facebook (of course) Schilling “announced” that he is planning on running for political office in the near future. The plan: win a seat in the Massachusetts statehouse in the near future and then run for President in 2024.

Considering the current political landscape, Schilling running for president is not the most outlandish thing we’ve heard lately — it's a new world out there.

Schilling doubled down on the plan on Twitter Sunday —  this is no joke, people.

Schilling is an outspoken conservative who has rallied against President Obama and has frequently shared less-than-kind words about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. In a long blog post in May, Schilling endorsed Donald Trump.

Top-level political support from Republicans might be tough to come by for Schilling, though. He told the Dan Patrick Show last month that he was irked he didn’t receive an invite to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The former Phillies, Red Sox, and Diamondbacks pitcher had been working at ESPN as a baseball analyst until April when he was fired for posting offensive memes on his Facebook page.