Curt Schilling is in a Twitter fight with a Sidney Ponson parody account

Social media was the main reason Curt Schilling’s Hall of Fame chances took a major hit, so of course he celebrated by actin’ a fool on Twitter.

All but three baseball players to reach 50 percent of the vote for the Hall of Fame have eventually been elected. Curt Schilling is trying very hard to become the fourth. After reaching 52 percent in 2015, Schilling dropped all the way down to 45 percent when the 2017 vote totals were released Wednesday afternoon. His inflammatory tweets and Facebook posts, including going so far as to insinuate the journalists should be lynched, turned plenty of voters off.

It took less than two hours for Schilling to put his Twitter thumbs to good use following the reveal of the voting results. The ESPN color commentator turned Breitbart radio host is in a bit of a Twitter fight with a Sidney Ponson parody account. Ponson, if you recall, won 91 games in 12 years in the big leagues and is remembered for his off-field antics which included going to a Metallica concert the night before a start and being arrested after a jet ski incident in Aruba.

It started off innocently enough when the fake account (which has 43 followers and clearly states it is a parody account) sarcastically mentioned Schilling.

A lengthy thread follows the initial exchange, with Schilling repeatedly arguing that the parody account is actually the real account for Ponson. His argument mostly hinges on his belief that Ponson was so bad that no one would actually bother to create a parody account for him, and that he is not significant enough to warrant verification from Twitter. Good sleuthing.

Mike Oz of Big League Stew has preserved the best tweets from Ponsongate for posterity just in case Schilling actually becomes self-aware enough to delete them (doubtful).

Never change, Curt. Never change.

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