Cubs fan makes catch of the year on foul ball while holding baby

A fan snagged a foul ball with one hand while holding a baby.
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By David Cunningham

Nobody puts baby in the corner — unless that someone is at a Chicago Cubs game and a foul ball flies their way.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs played Tuesday night at Wrigley Field, but the best action took place in the stands. During the second inning, Cubs pitcher Jason Hammel popped a ball into the seats along the first base line, where 29-year-old fan Keith Hartley made a miraculous one-handed snag in the face of incoming Dodgers first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.

Why did Hartley only use his right hand to catch the ball? He was bottle-feeding his 7-month-old baby, Isaac, in his left arm.

[Watch the video here]

“I’m just trying to protect him (Isaac),” Hartley told Chicago Tribune reporter Paul Sullivan. “This one was a little easier, a pop fly. Just kind of a reaction. It just came to me.”

Hartley’s efforts didn’t go unpunished, however, and after an appeal by Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, the play was overturned because of fan interference, ending the inning.

“Hopefully he’s not too angry,” Hartley said when asked about interfering with Gonzalez. “He is on my fantasy team.”

Judging by the Dodgers’ reaction on Twitter, we’d say everything’s cool.

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