Cubs fan gets World Series tattoo on his HEAD (picture)

Cubs fans everywhere are looking for ways to commemorate their World Series win. One fan decided a tattoo on his head would be a good idea.

Tattoo’s are such a funny concept. Once you get one, it’s there for life, unless of course you spend the money to get it laser-removed. One Chicago Cubs fan was so excited following their World Series victory that he got a tattoo. ON HIS HEAD:

I understand being overjoyed that a team who hasn’t seen a title in 108 years finally wins. I understand getting a nice, little tattoo, maybe somewhere on your back, to show your pride. However, a head tattoo becomes pretty hard to justify in my book. Nevertheless, my opinion doesn’t matter to this fan who got some ink of the famous Wrigley Field sign on top of his noggin.

The next time this guy goes in for a job interview he can just put his chin to his chest and use his head as his resume. Still, you’ve got to respect the commitment of a head tattoo. Cubs fans have shown just how loyal they are in the past few days during their celebration. There have been head tattoos like this and a slew of people doing trust falls from very tall structures. I don’t condone either of these activities, but you do you, Cubs fans.

The fans aren’t the only ones having fun. Anthony Rizzo, David Ross and Dexter Fowler made a quick appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. They sang a rendition of “Go, Cubs, Go,” a song that has essentially been on repeat in the city of Chicago for the past five days. Kris Bryant also announced via Twitter earlier today that he was heading out to Los Angeles for appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen Show.

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