Cubs fan celebrates World Series win by opening 32-year-old beer


At some point during or after the Cubs' loss to the Padres in the 1984 NLCS, this fan decided he wasn't going to open a can of Coors beer in his refrigerator until his favorite baseball team won the World Series.

The can sat there for 32 years but, in the early hours of Thursday morning, it was time to open it. The Cubs finally won it all.

The fan opened the beer via pull-tab and poured it out into a Cubs mug. It looked like a normal beer but, as you can imagine with a 32-year-old brew, it apparently didn't smell very fresh.

I'm sure there were numerous times that this guy thought he'd never get to open that beer. It stayed in his fridge through 20 losing seasons and several heartbreaking “only the Cubs” moments, but it finally saw its day come … and it took one of the greatest postseason baseball games ever on Wednesday night to get there.

Despite the contents of the brew being spoiled over time, it seemed like this guy really wanted to drink it anyway. Like many Cubs fans, he's probably just glad that he didn't expire first.