Bernsen goes to bat, strikes out on ice on ‘Major League’ tour

Bernsen now and then. 


Actor Corbin Bernsen was in Milwaukee on Tuesday to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the baseball movie "Major League."

Here is Bernsen, who played prima donna Roger Dorn in the 1989 classic, posing at the Wisconsin location where the comedy was filmed: 

And here he is re-enacting Dorn’s famous line to Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) from the flick (via MLB FanCave): 

Though the festivities celebrating this "Major League" milestone (also feted here by Red Sox catcher David Ross), took a slick, dangerous turn when Bernsen visited an Admirals game later that day. The American Hockey League team invited the TV and movie actor down to the ice to hit some pucks into the net during intermission.

"Six pucks, I get only two in," Bernsen wrote on his Facebook page. "For the last, seventh puck I decide to ‘be funny’ – big mistake – so I picked up the puck and decided to throw it at the net. I mean, I’m in town because of Major League, got to put a little baseball into the evening. So … windup, throw, puck hits the side of the goal and doesn’t go in, but as it does, I go down on the ice and cut my head open."

Here’s some video of the slide, courtesy of (there’s also a report by WISN):  

Bernsen quickly took to social media to assure fans that he was not out for the count. 

"Thankfully this time I got away with a few stitches, a battle scar and a good story to cap a mighty fine day," he wrote.