Rockies manager Walt Weiss wants to bring back bullpen cars

After taking the ball from a pitcher, Walt Weiss would like to see bullpen cars chauffeur in his relievers.

Chris Humphreys/Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

One of the ways the MLB is trying to speed up the pace of play this year is to limit the time a pitcher coming in from the bullpen has to be ready. A pitcher called upon during an inning must be ready within 2 minutes, 30 seconds. Although many pitchers jog in from the bullpen, that might be an issue in Colorado, according to Rockies manager Walt Weiss. He told’s Thomas Harding that some pitchers like to walk in to conserve energy in the mile-high altitude of Denver. His solution: the bullpen car.

I brought up the bullpen car. Growing up, watching games, man, that was cool. When they went to the bullpen and you got to see the guy come in the car. I think Milwaukee even drove them in a Harley. Good stuff.

Here are a couple of classic examples:

Others just wanted to be cool:

Maybe this isn’t such a bad idea.