Colorado Rockies Rumors and Analysis: 5 Must-Read Articles

There are a lot of questions surrounding the Colorado Rockies right now. Who will be the new manager? Who will play first base next season? Which of the six free agents that were part of the Rockies in 2016 will be back with the team in 2017?

Yes, there are many questions, but we here at Rox Pile are doing our best to cut through the clutter and keep you as updated as possible with the latest news and rumors surrounding the Colorado Rockies.

With that in mind, here are some must-read articles that will help you know exactly what is happening with the Rockies right now.

Five Key Numbers from the 2016 Season

OK, before we move forward, we have to look back … and this article is a great way to do it. Nolan Lees examined Colorado’s year-end statistics and pulled out the five numbers that jumped out to him the most. You can see his thoughts by clicking here.

Six Players, Six Key Free Agency Questions

In this article, we take a look at each of the six players from the 2016 Colorado roster who are now free agents. What will the Rockies do with a pair of pitchers, a catcher and three position players? We break each player down and predict whether he will or won’t be back next season in this article.

Four Options for the Rockies at First Base

So who will man the first base position for the Rockies in 2017? Will Colorado bring back Mark Reynolds (who missed time late this season with injuries) or look for a free agent? Will Carlos Gonzalez move to the position? We took an in-depth look at four of the most promising options and you can read the article here.

Colorado and the State of the National League West

So how do the Rockies stack up against their divisional foes heading into next season? Nolan Lees breaks down each of the teams and let’s you know what Colorado will be facing in 2017 in this article.

The Five Biggest Games on Colorado’s 2017 Schedule

It’s never too early to peek ahead and see what awaits the Rockies on the 2017 schedule. Check out five big clashes that we’ve highlighted here.

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