Colorado Rockies: Chad Bettis Given New Diagnosis

Colorado Rockies pitcher Chad Bettis has helped to remind us again where our focus on the game should really fall.

In the midst of all the buzz of the World Baseball Classic, teams getting ready for the 2017 regular season, and all the other sorts of fun news that spring training can bring, reality set in when this came across Twitter:

Chad Bettis is probably not a name that many casual baseball fans know. Colorado Rockies fans certainly know his name as a member of their starting rotation, but he was probably not highly sought-after in fantasy baseball, so he really wasn’t well-known to the average baseball fan.

That’s just why this story puts some perspective into this game we all love.

Bettis did a story with the Denver Post where he was blunt and honest.

Bettis and his wife are expecting their first child, a girl, later this month, yet at 27 years old, he’ll be fighting for his life rather than enjoying the life of late night feedings while attempting to plan out his rotation schedule.

While sometimes we can get swallowed up about our favorite team and lose the fact that the guys on the field are human beings, too, this is the type of story that really helps to bring back that perspective.

If you can, drop a note to Chad’s Twitter account at @cbettis35 or fire him off a snail mail to the Colorado team mailing address, and they’ll help to get it to him…

Chad Bettis
c/o Colorado Rockies
Coors Field
2001 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205-2000

Here’s hoping the best to Chad for a quick recovery to a happy and healthy life, whether that includes more baseball or not!

One of Bettis’ best performances was early last September, when he recorded his first career shutout in a victory over the San Francisco Giants. Here’s the highlight video:

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