Colorado Rockies: 3 Things You Should Know on February 6

The Atlanta Falcons were this close to being the World Champions. Sigh. It would’ve been another amazing story in a year of amazing sports stories. In a 365-day span where the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Cavaliers captured world titles, we pose this question … why can’t the Colorado Rockies add their name to the list this fall? We believe it can happen.

Hey, if we’ve learned nothing this season, we’ve learned that there’s always hope for a franchise to win its first title (or first title in a century). That should give Colorado fans hope right there.

Whether you were celebrating New England’s comeback win or sobbing into your Matt Ryan jersey, we now have some baseball to think about. And the beauty of it is this … it’s the last next-to-last Monday where you won’t have baseball front and center to think about.

Here are three things involving the Rockies you should know today…

Who Will Be Colorado’s Closer?

It’s a fair question to ask, and our friends from Call to the Pen took a look at the upcoming battle between Greg Holland and Adam Ottavino for the role in this article. While those two are the leaders, don’t forget that Jake McGee, Carlos Estevez and others will be wanting to take a shot at grabbing the role as well.

It’s a battle to watch … just like these three battles we think you should be watching as Colorado’s spring training opens.

Let’s Go to the Movies with Wild Thing

Speaking of Estevez, he was one of the Colorado players who was tweeting during the Super Bowl. We know one thing, we’re as ready to see the next installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise as he is.

Wild Thing, we’ll see you at the movies.

What if… discussed some potential superstars in the making in this video. Among them was Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, one of the players linked to the Rockies in the offseason in numerous trade rumors involving Charlie Blackmon.

There’s no question that Stroman would look good in purple pinstripes. However, we’re glad Chuck Nazty is still manning the outfield at Coors Field.

By the way,, you missed a couple of Colorado players you could’ve highlighted in the video, notably Trevor Story and David Dahl in the field and Tyler Anderson and Jon Gray on the mound. We’ll forgive you, but also hope you’ll come out with some midseason additions to the list when the Rockies are shaking up the National League.

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