Colorado Rockies: 3 Things You Should Know on February 4

Ah, sweet Saturday. It’s a day when you can kick back and not worry about anything other than you want to do. Well, unless you have a list of things you’re supposed to be doing around the house before the big game tomorrow.

Whether you’re just chilling out or getting things done, we’ll give you a few moments of Colorado Rockies zen with some news and notes about the team. Check out these three choice articles that we loved reading … and we think you just might as well.

The Need for Speed

We love spending time at Coors Field. However, it appears that Major League Baseball wants to make sure that the time spent at a stadium is as concise as it can be.

Some interesting thoughts from Commissioner Rob Manfred can be found in this article, including the fact that last year’s average MLB game lasted three hours. That’s four minutes longer than the average game in 2015.

Check out some of the thoughts in here on rule changes and some of the future of Major League Baseball. As an aside, we’re thinking the Rockies would look great playing in London in 2018.

Holland and Foster

It’s the time of year when people easily show their affection for each other. Yes, February 14 is not just when pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Our friend Patrick Saunders at The Denver Post wrote a great article about the relationship between new Colorado pitcher Greg Holland and Rockies pitching coach Steve Foster. Perhaps our favorite quote in the article from Foster is this one, talking about Holland…

“This guy is a leader, not just because of the things he does on the field but the way he carries himself. A coach notices things like that,” said Foster, who was promoted to Kansas City’s pitching coordinator in 2012.  “We look for guys with presence, guys that take the game seriously and act like a man. I felt Greg did that from the time he got to the big leagues.”

It sounds like Holland’s presence won’t just benefit the Rockies on the field but in the clubhouse as well.

The Virtual Rockies

A pretty interesting look from CSaintGamer on YouTube on how the Rockies might look in video game mode this season. He goes in and looks at how the team might do in MLB The Show 16 since MLB The Show 17 isn’t out yet. Check out his video here.

Warning, you’re going to have to forgive how he pronounces the names of Gerardo Parra and Cristhian Adames. You may also have to forgive that he chooses to start Parra in left field over David Dahl and that he says repeatedly Colorado’s pitching isn’t that good.

The commentary may not be that great but it’s always interesting to see who other people pick for the Rockies fifth starter (he chose German Marquez) and who’s on the bench (he has Raimel Tapia but no Mark Reynolds). He also uses Holland as his closer.

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