Cleveland Indians use Twitter to silence Boston’s sign-stealing chatter

The Cleveland Indians swept the Boston Red Sox straight out of the playoffs on Monday, in a series which most notably brought David Ortiz's career to an end. But while the wins were easy, they didn't come without controversy for Cleveland.

Following a Game 1 win, in which Rick Porcello was shellacked for five runs in just 4 1/3 innings of work, rumors surfaced that maybe the Indians were stealing signs from the Sox.

Red Sox pitching coach Carl Willis didn't say they were, but didn't really say they weren't either when he was asked about Porcello and catcher Sandy Leon switching signs prior to the series.

“His signs are unique to begin with, so we talked about mixing it up,” Willis told the Boston Herald. “Just looking for any advantage we can get or to give them something more to think about, if you will.”

Asked if there was any concern that the Indians had figured out Porcello’s signs, Willis smiled and said, “Yeah, you never know.”

Again, Willis didn't make the accusation outright but it was implied — and apparently, the Indians didn't forget. The team's official Twitter account playfully trolled the Red Sox after closing out the series Monday night.

That is about as close to a perfect Twitter troll as possible.

It's also safe to say, that when we look back on this Indians-Red Sox divisional round, it's clear that Cleveland not only dominated Boston on the field, but off of it as well.