Cleveland Indians: The Simple Joys of Spring Training Baseball

The entire Cleveland Indians roster has not held an official workout yet, but the images coming from Goodyear are enough to build some initial excitement.

The sun is shining in Cleveland today and while it may not be warm outside, it is a good omen.

The sun is also shining out in Arizona where the Cleveland Indians have begun spring training, albeit unofficially.

Fans in Cleveland may not be able to watch the team practice live, but videos on social media help give a glimpse into what the players are up to out in Goodyear.

Jordan Bastian of has been sharing videos all day, and while there is nothing intricate about what takes place in the videos, it is hard not to find peace in the images.

This first one of two grown men playing catch may not seem like much on the surface, yet seeing Michael Brantley throw a baseball is a great sign for Indians fans. And to break it down even further, seeing Indians players doing any baseball-related activities is a refreshing sight.

Just hearing the ball hit the mitt is therapeutic in a sense, especially on a Monday at work.

Seeing Andrew Miller in action is another beautiful sight as well. After being a workhorse for the Indians throughout the postseason, seeing him playing catch in shorts and a T-shirt is almost a comical sight that highlights the simplicity of spring training baseball.

Those who have attending spring training know how great of an experience it is. Seeing these star players getting back to the basics on fields sometimes as small as those seen at a local high school allows fans to get an experience not available during the regular season.

This up-close preseason access makes spring training such a unique experience. But as a consolation, the videos sent out by beat reporters still gives fans who are not in Arizona a glimpse into why it is so fun.

And while these videos are not of any game action, they may inspire some fans to get out the ball and glove and head outside. Just be sure not to throw out your arm in the first catch session of the year.

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