Cleveland Indians: Francisco Lindor Will Increase His Star Power in WBC

Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor has the chance to represent his home country in the World Baseball Classic, putting him on the world’s stage.

The World Baseball Classic is just over a month away, but its arrival will give Cleveland Indians fans a chance to watch some of their favorite players in action against players from all over the world.

Francisco Lindor, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Santana are all expected to take part in the event, while others on the roster could also take part if there are no setbacks in spring training.

But while Miller and Santana are two big names, Lindor has a unique opportunity to shine on the world’s biggest display of baseball.

An article on by Jordan Bastian focused on Lindor’s excitement for the game, as he will be representing his home country of Puerto Rico. Lindor comes off as carefree and excited, although it would be hard to expect anything else from someone with so much natural talent and love for the game of baseball.

But what Lindor may not realize, being the humble kid he is, is that he has a chance to become one of the most prominent shortstops in all of baseball. And playing in the World Baseball Classic will only show the world of what is still to come from the young man who has only played one full season in the MLB.

Lindor does not seem like a player who cares much about individual achievements, but he has already begun to fill up a trophy case. A Gold, and Platinum, Glove Award in 2016 should only be the first of many, while he will continue to accrue All-Star Game jerseys as his career goes on.

But in the present, he will make a worldwide name for himself next month when he takes on the best baseball players from around the world. This exposure will not only make him a star all around the nation, but around the world.

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