Chicago White Sox: Rick Hahn Set on Asking Price for Jose Quintana

Riding the coattails of a lucrative offseason, Chicago White Sox general manager Rick Hahn still shopping Jose Quintana. With seemingly nothing to lose, Hahn stands firm on his asking price for Quintana.

While many other teams are hopeful for 2017, the Chicago White Sox are already looking beyond the upcoming season. During this offseason, baseball watched the White Sox revamp their farm system by trading away two of their brightest stars. Now, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn rightfully sees no reason to lower his asking price for Jose Quintana.

Shortly into December, Hahn went public with his plans to rebuild his team’s farm system. After seeing the amount of return he received for Chris Sale and Adam Eaton, he believes Quintana is worth a similar price.

“It’s got to be about getting value,” Hahn said (per “We held for the right price on Chris. We held for the right price on Adam. We’re very pleased with how those deals went. And if there’s other subsequent deals between now and the deadline or next offseason, it’s going to be we feel we got value for similar type players.”

Over the course of last season, Quintana’s success rejuvenated his worth. Through 32 starts and 208 innings pitched, he reached career highs in wins, ERA and strikeouts. By finished 13-12 with a 3.20 ERA, Quintana earned his first All-Star nomination and finished 10th for the Cy Young Award. Also in the running for the Cy Young was Sale, whose phenomenal season overshadowed the 28-year-old’s.

With many teams seeking for a strong starting pitcher to round out their rotation, interest in Quintana has consistently spanned throughout the offseason. Teams such as the Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates and most recently the Texas Rangers have expressed a desire to add him to their pitching staffs.

However, the wide-spread interest in Quintana faces Hahn’s determination at a set price. He is well aware of how far along the White Sox are in their rebuilding process. By way of two trades, Hahn brought seven top prospects to Chicago, including Yoan Moncada and flamethrower Michael Kopech. Even if no one gives into Quintana’s asking price, the White Sox are track towards contention.

Furthermore, Quintana’s contract is such that the White Sox have a number of options past 2017. If Quintana has not been traded by the start of next season, his worth could increase with another phenomenal season. Although the White Sox run the risk of their trade-bait pitcher becoming injured, Quintana’s contract gives him time to recover and regain his value.

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