Cubs World Series hero Dexter Fowler is having a tough time adjusting to the offseason


Dexter Fowler led off Game 7 of the World Series with a homer just one week ago. But now that the parades, talk-show appearances and courtside views at NBA games are behind him, Fowler is trying to find ways to fill his days.

Can’t you just imagine Fowler walking aimlessly from room to room and wondering how he went from a clubhouse celebration to an afternoon of constantly refreshing his Facebook feed and agonizing over Maury Povich paternity results? Check out a couple of these pleas for excitement:

The good news for Fowler is that he soon will spend his time with his agent sorting through the offers he will receive in free agency. Although the Cubs extended a qualifying offer to him, he is expected to decline it and explore his options – and there should be plenty.