Chicago Cubs: What to do with Ian Happ?

May 17, 2017; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Cubs center fielder Ian Happ (8) stretches before the game against the Cincinnati Reds  at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Cubs called up Ian Happ on a short term basis when they were dealing with some injuries. All he’s done since is hit. So what do the Cubs do as players return?

One of the big things that has really taken over basketball is sort of a position-less game. Having five guys who can all run the floor, shoot the three and get the job done. With the way baseball is now set up with all the shifting along the infield along with all the moves managers make, especially in the National League, it’s important to have guys who can play multiple positions.

The Chicago Cubs under Joe Maddon are a prime example of this. Other than Anthony Rizzo who’s locked in at first base only, and Addison Russell at short, everyone else can move around. Ben Zobrist is the guy who did it before it was cool. Javier Baez plays all over the infield. Heck, Kris Bryant can play the corners in the infield and outfield.

That leads to the newest Cubbie on the club, 2015 first round pick Ian Happ. Happ, like everyone else it seems on the Cubs, can play multiple positions. He can play second and also all over the outfield.

Going into last night, Happ played in eight games and has hit .357 with a 1.240 OPS. He was supposed to come up for a quick trip to the Show because the club was banged up going into their series in Colorado. All he’s done since is hit, so it begs the question, what do they do with Happ.

The answer is simple. They need to let him play in the outfield and leave him alone, until he shows he can’t. Period.

Yes, Jon Jay is hitting .321 so far, and Albert Almora is best defensive option they have there and is hitting .264 himself so far. But Jay is on a one-year deal and with the way things are looking won’t be on the team next year anyway.

It also puts the club in a position to use someone like Almora as a trade piece in order to get a starting pitcher they may need or some bullpen help. It worked with Gleyber Torres last year in the Aroldis Chapman deal, so why not do it again if you need to, right?

Yes, the Chicago Cubs haven’t been what they were last year. It was going to be crazy hard to do that. However, maybe they figured out something with Ian Happ in the lineup everyday as they move forward this season.

He has to continue to play every single day. At least until he proves he can’t.

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