Chicago Cubs: Two straight nights for a “superstitious” fan

As you might know, we aren’t just writing about the Chicago Cubs, we’re fans as well. So it should be no surprise that I had to institute emergency “superstitions” to help win Game 4.

Alright, maybe I didn’t help the Chicago Cubs win Game 4 and advance to the NLCS. But after a LONG Monday night, I had to make some tough decisions as a fan. I’m guessing I’m not the only one who did this. It required me missing the end of last night’s win–and that’s not as upsetting as you’d think (we won, that’s what matters). There’s some logic mixed in here, hopefully, you’ll see it.

In many groups, including our Facebook page, I saw the pessimism come out in full on Monday night when the Cubs surrendered the lead they had in the eighth inning. Your typical “here we go again”, and “the even-year Giants will be our new curse”. With a 5 a.m. CT alarm waiting to go off, I stuck by the Cubs side–and Kris Bryant made it worth it with a two-run home run in the top of the ninth to tie the game.

There are plenty of reasons to hate west coast games, starting time being one of them. My day was already 15 1/2 hours old when the first pitch was thrown. But watching Jake Arrieta take Madison Bumgarner deep suddenly made it all seem worth it. Then with a lead in the late innings, Joe Maddon went with Aroldis Chapman for a six-out save. We know how that one went.

But Bryant’s homer gave new hope, and a fantastic catch from Albert Almora in the bottom of the ninth off the bat of Buster Posey to double up Brandon Belt. This had the appearance of the game that wouldn’t end. The issue was Maddon was running out of bodies to use. Mike Montgomery pitched as well as he could but finally gave in after a five-hour game. Total sleep that night: 2 hours 45 minutes.

Taking one for the team

So in comes Tuesday. Work, then my bowling league. That ran me up until the fifth inning, and I walked in the door to see the Cubs go down 5-2 in the bottom half of the sixth inning. I watched two more innings before I was actually having lucid dreams. My day job isn’t difficult, but sleep was needed.

So the difficult decision was made to go to bed..and stay there. I know other fans of teams that believe what they do directly affect their team in a game. Ever turned on a game your team was winning, only to see them lose that lead? I know you’ve thought “Dang, this is my fault”.  This was my thinking. After staying up for the entirety of the game the night before, I boldly declared sleep over the game.

I awoke around 2 a.m. to my phone lit up like a Christmas tree. The Cubs were on to the NLCS. Many thought I went to bed too early. That I would be sorry. On the contrary. It’s because of that decision that the Cubs rallied and won that game. The night before I was disappointed they lost–more so that I wouldn’t get much sleep. To wake up to the fantastic news of that win and watch the highlights? Perfect.

But understand, that will be the last of these superstitious moves on my part. It’s also why I’d like to see the Nationals win on Friday. No more west coast games. And an editor’s note: I don’t believe my going to bed had any part in the win. But I won’t complain about the result. See you in Chicago on Saturday night. #FlytheW

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