Chicago Cubs: This was the greatest World Series of all time

It has been exactly zero years since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. That’s right. The more than a century-long wait has officially come to an end.

What a series it was. Filled with drama every step of the way. And would you want it any other way? It should make this victory all the more satisfying. The 1908 jokes? Gone. Dead. A thing of the past, never to return. For Chicago Cubs’ fans, patience has paid off. The Cubs are world champions of baseball.

Did you think you would live to see the day? If there was a ever a doubt in your mind that curses don’t exist, now you know. There is no such thing as a “curse.” The supposed curses of the past that have long followed the Cubs can now rest comfortably in the grave. This team is no longer a joke. They’re simply champions.

Major sports history

Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve all just witnessed. “Next year is here.” Next year arrived for these Chicago Cubs. Think of the all the lifelong Cubs’ fans who didn’t live long enough to see them pull this off. This is for them.  It’s for me and you. Before the game even started, people shared how special it was to be in this moment with their family. That’s what people love about baseball, and this team in particular. As our own Nicholas Blazek wrote, the Cubs have united a nation.

Remember when the Cubs trailed 3-1 in this series? Do you realize they just became only the fifth team in history to overcome those odds? And the first in 31 years! The Cubs overcame an insane amount of obstacles in this series. The least of which was their franchise history.

This was, without a doubt, the greatest World Series of all-time. The teams, the droughts, the comebacks. It had just about everything you could hope for in a championship series. Each one of the last three games have been insanely intense. I mentioned in a previous article that it would only be fitting for the Cubs to make this as dramatic as possible. And boy, did they deliver. They should have aired this game on the Lifetime network.

You couldn’t have asked for a better Game 7. The Cleveland Indians tied the game back up in the eighth inning, only for the Cubs to go on to win it all in extra innings. Add the fact that Kyle Schwarber returned from season-ending knee surgery and became one of the Cubs’ series heroes, and you’ve got yourself a storybook ending. If that’s not entertainment, I don’t know what is.

Enjoy it!

You deserve this, Cubs’ fans. It’s been a long, painful wait. And now you get to bask in the glory of the Chicago Cubs. The most important “W” flag is flying proudly at Wrigley Field, and at the homes of the fans who worship this team.

Ben Zobrist, a World Series champion with the Kansas City Royals last season, won the World Series MVP award for the Cubs. And it was much deserved. He came up with clutch RBI hits all series long. From youngsters Kris Bryant and Addison Russell to veterans like Jon Lester and Anthony Rizzo, the job has been done.

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