Chicago Cubs: The world reacts to the Cubs winning the World Series

Finally, the Chicago Cubs were able to silence their critics and eliminate their 108-year drought in the process. It wasn’t an easy series. Both teams fought hard but only one could make history on Wednesday night.

Thankfully, it was our Chicago Cubs. Has it sunk in yet, fellow Cubs fans? As soon as the final out was recorded, my Father pulled me into his arms and we started to cry. And honestly, I missed Joe Buck making the historic call but it was well worth it.

Thinking about all our loved ones who passed on long before the Chicago Cubs clinched the National League Championship. Now, we’re all able to celebrate in honor of their years of struggle.

What feels even better is that no one can give us crap for loving this team. Coming into Cactus League play as favorites to win the World Series. Something that has eluded (until now) the Cubs for a very long time.

At first, last night’s game looked like the Chicago Cubs were going to cruise to a victory. But knowing the Cleveland Indians, I had a feeling they were not going to go quietly. That’s exactly what happened.

Life was sucked out of the living room of my Father’s house when Rajai Davis launched the game-tying two-run homer. For the first time since the start of the game, all you could hear was the heater flowing through the vents.

Defining Moment

Before the Chicago Cubs took the field, it was obvious who was going to be named World Series MVP if they pulled it off. Ben Zobrist stepped to the plate in extra innings and put his team ahead, sending our house into a frenzy.

Surely, the rest of the world who have backed this “cursed” team, lost their minds as well. Actually, my head and eyes still hurt from crying so much. This was the greatest game in postseason history.

When it was all said and done, those outside Wrigley Field and people posting on social media erupted. As we wait for our championship parade, here are some reactions from Twitter.

Fly The W.

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