Cubs pitcher saves a run with an extremely lucky between-the-legs grab

The Chicago Cubs are undoubtedly the best team in baseball, but there is still room for improvement. While they’re third in runs scored, they’re just 14th in fielding percentage. You wouldn’t know that by watching Tuesday night’s game, though.

In the eighth inning of an 8-1 game, pitcher Justin Grimm made one of the niftiest plays of the season. With a runner on third, Aledmys Diaz hit a hot shot up the middle. Grimm turned his back and fielded the grounder between his legs and underhanded the ball to first to get the out and end the inning.

It made for a classic "Hey, look what I found" moment for Grimm. All he could do was smile about it afterwards.

The Cubs went on to win 12-3 to improve to 30-14 on the year.