Chicago Cubs set for White House visit with President Obama for Monday

This weekend, the Chicago Cubs and their fans will gather at the Sheraton Hotel for this year’s convention. As soon as that wraps, members from the organization will board a plane for another event.

And surprisingly so, it was by none other than Chicago White Sox, not Chicago Cubs’ fan, President Barack Obama. It is an honor for championship teams to visit the White House after claiming the crown in their sport.

Yet, while the White Sox had no shot at winning the World Series, Obama went out to say that he was rooting for the Cubs. Speaking of Obama, our President delivered his farewell speech earlier tonight, leading the way for Donald Trump.

According to CBS Sports, the meeting between the Cubs and Barack Obama will take place next Monday. A day after the Cubs Convention wraps up.

So, as soon as the Convention wraps in Chicago, players and surely, a few alumni members, will board a plane and make their way out to Washington. Having the opportunity to meet the President is huge.

And why not do it before Obama exits the White House? A tradition that has been around in the United States for some time. From College to professional teams, hundreds of champions have made their way to our Nation’s Capital.

History meets History

Sadly, the Chicago Bears and Bulls were unable to do so while Obama was in office. But the Cubs will make it special considering the 108-year championship drought that came to an end this past November.

On Monday, the team who ended the longest drought in American sports will stand behind and beside our countries first African American President. Now if that’s not historic, I don’t know what is.

The great thing about it is they represent the same city. A city that has been through a lot of tough times, in fact, is still trying to find the right path. It has been a rough year for Chicago but the Cubs winning the World Series was a great distraction.

Bringing another championship outside of hockey has lifted some spirits and turned attention away from negativity.

Now, hopefully, guys such as Aroldis Chapman, Dexter Fowler, and Travis Wood will join their former teammates on this special day. In all honesty, I can’t wait to see a White Sox fan holding a custom Cubs jersey.

Although, it won’t change the fact that Barack will still be pulling for the new-look White Sox come Spring Training. But hey, who knows, maybe, just maybe, he’ll hop on the Cubbies bandwagon as they are destined for multiple World Series titles.

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